Protective tape

Product description

Advanced Integrated
Materials Protective Band is a band of Conductive Polystyrene designed to give ultimate Protection for packaged components. The tape is wrapped around the outer layer of carrier tape on a 13” reel and fixed into place.
This prevents the flanges from crushing during Dry Packing or general handling.

Supply format options

With emphasis on maximizing productivity and reduce costs AIM’s Protect Tape are available in a wide range of widths between 8mm and 56mm and supplied in coil format up to 400metres long. Thus giving flexibility in the length of tape required by the end user.

Storage conditions

Recommended storage conditions include indoors away from direct Sunlight within a temperature range of 18°C to 35°C (65 – 95°F) and relative humidity levels between 35% and 65%.

Shelf life

AIM’s Protect Tape have a shelf life of 4 Year when stored under the recommended storage conditions.

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