Chip counter with empty pocket detection

Application :

This counter can take the advantage of the relations between the sprocket holes and the chips and count the SMD chips accurately and quickly. Equipped with a fiber sensor to stop counting and sounds an alarm when it detected an empty pocket. It is the high-efficient auxiliary equipment for SMT material management.

Features :

  • High accuracy, error free.
  • Suitable for packaging of SMD tape & reels
  • It can also count the parts with the reversed direction and can double-check and conduct pre-set counting.
  • Easy operation, unique design for preventing the tape from dropping, which minimizes the damage to the tape.

Specification :

  • Power: AC110 60Hz/22DV 50Hz: 25W.
  • Dimension: 410x235x240mm WxDxH
  • Weight: 9 Kg


  • Label printing
  • Bar code copy

***The transparent carrier tape is invalid

Hightlight :

Lowcost expansibility:

  • Thermal Transfer Printer may be selected as the output device to print the labels, and the bar code reader may also be employed to copy the bar code on the original reel onto the new label, the printed label will contain time, quantity and the bar code information of component, which may be treated as the type-in information of  material animated management.

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