Automatic taping machine

Our automatic tape & reel machine is the multi-functional packaging system that integrates tube, tray and tape package equipment which allows versatility and flexibility to produce the different packing requirement.

It is designed to be fully automatic and each package equipment is modularized as sub-system for easy configuration and allows efficient work turnaround time, in addition it supports JEDEC standard tray, various SOP tubes and up to 22” tape reel. It is equipped with different sensor to ensure the quality of the packaging and prevent human or system error.

Optional CCD camera can be added to the system for 2D inspection and ink marker for IC marking. LCD keypad is available for each sub-system to allow easier maintenance and trouble shooting.

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  • Each packing system is modularized for meeting different job requirement efficiently
  • Input : Tube, Tray or Tape
  • Output : Tray or Tape
  • Placement nozzle able to perform 360°C rotation
  • Fully automatic and can support up to 30~40 tubes or 25 trays
  • Dedicated automatic tube loader for SOP, SSOP and TSSOP packages
  • Taping sub-system supports both PSA and heat sealing
  • Supports 22” tape reel and 8~88mm tape width
  • Sensor for cover tape, empty pocket, floating chip and tray position
  • LCD touch screen for the main control

Main system
 Input/Output       Placement accuracy  ±0.05mm
 Placement rate  3000~4000 UPH
 Placement device  Vacuum Nozzle x1
 Nozzle rotation   360 degree
 Z-axis    Adjustable nozzle height
 Alarm  Color LED and Buzzer
 Interface   Operating  LCD Keypad
 Communication  RS232/IO (internal)
 Operating environment    Input voltage  220V AC
 Temperature  25°C ±2°C
 Air Pressure  0.6 MPa ; Ø6mm
 Appearance  Dimension  W690xD560xH1300mm
Tape Reel 
 Input/Output           Accuracy   ±0.04mm
 Speed  Continous type, 80mm/sec Max
 Tray cycle rate   25s/cycle
 Cover tape   Hot or PSA
 Heat temperature  0~260°C
 Reel diameter   Up to 22 inch
 Carrier tape width  8~88mm
 Max Pocket Depth  30mm
 Sensor  Empty pocket, Floating chip and Cover tape sensor
 Optionnal  Ink Marker/CCD Camera
 Interface   Operating   LCD Keypad
 Appearance   Dimension  W530xD310xH1100mm
 Weight  35kgs
Tray Loader 
 Input      Tray type  JEDEC trays
 Tray capacity  25 trays
 Tray cycle rate  25s/cycle
 Sensor   Tray position detection
 Interface  Operating  LCD Keypad
 Appearance   Dimension  W161xD930xH1090mm
 Weight  25kgs
Tube Feeder 
 Input     Component size   SOP/ SSOP / TSSOP
 Tube capacity  30~40 tubes
 Tube length  500~550mm
 Tube rail   Tube guided tail module
 Control system   Driver   Air dynamic and piston
 Transmission  Air guided rail and component stopper
 Appearance   Dimension   W870xD300x1235mm
 Weight  50Kgs

Automatic tape and reel machine


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