Semi-automatic taping machine

New generation Tape Reel packaging machine which has already taken patents in several countries. Designed to be simple, easy operated; tape width adjustment can be finished within 10 seconds without any tool. T&R supports devices packaged in 8~88mm width tape. With advanced characteristics this T&R offers the best solution for manufacturing process.

Tape and reel video


Maximum diameter (mm): Input reel: Ø 180/330/380/560 Specifications: Mechanical accuracy:  +/- 0,04mm
  Output reel:  Ø 180/330/380/560   Speed : Continuous, 80 mm/sec MAX 
Dimensions  (L×P×H): 1 600 × 450 × 600  mm   Cold sealing (PSA) : yes
Sensors: Empty cover tape roll: Yes   Hot sealing: oui  0 -260°C
  Position: optional   Carrier tape width: 8~88 mm 
  Empty pocket: optional   Carrier tape height: 32 mm MAX 
  Floating component: optional Interface: RS232 : optional
  Carrier tape: optional User interface: LCD screen and setting keys
Accessories: CCD camera: optional Technical specifications: Power: 230V / 50-60Hz / 3A  
  Ink Marker: no   Pressure: 0,5MPa (~5,0 kg / cm²) 
Control system: PID controller Weight:    35 kg  

Tape and reel video

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