X-Ray counter

The X-Ray Counter 380mm is benchtop inspection system for inspecting small components with varying sizes. It small size doesn’t make it less capable than typical X-Ray inspection as the X-Ray counter 380mm is able of component reel counting in just seconds. Intuitive Vi3 imaging software captures images in no time and releases them to the user to identify defects. With its simple, intuitive image sharing you can store and share images via cloud or any storage of your choice to provide access to multiple people at once. Easy to set-up and use the X-Ray counter 380mm eliminates long hours of operators training.

See the X-ray Counter video


  • Automatically "counts" components as small as 01005 on 7”, 13” and 15” reels
  • Can count through antistatic moisture barrier bag (without HIC or desiccant)
  • Launch operation by a simple pressure on the start button
  • Few second cycle time: - One reel 13” / 15” = 25 seconds
  • Four reels 7” = 45 seconds
  • Connect to E.R.P. software for seamless inventory control
  • Substantially speed up part counting process
  • Part counting accuracy over 99%
  • May also be used for board’s inspection
  • 100 μSievert exposure
  • CE norm compliant


External Dimensions:

  • 42.5" x 30" x 40"
  • Chamber Size:
  • 16.25" x 16.25" x 6"
  • Viewable Area:
  • 16" x 16"


Imaging Station:

  • Image resolution: 54μ pixel pitch
  • Line pair resolution: 7Ip/mm
  • Imaging Software Features:
  • Image archiving
  • Window levelling
  • Digital zoom
  • Annotations


X-Ray Specifications:

  • Beam orientation: Top, Down
  • Normal Anode Voltage: 40–80 kV
  • Normal maximum anode current: 0.7mA


Technical specifications:

  • Power: 100 – 240 V, 1500 W
  • Weight: 159 Kg



X-Ray Counter and 2D Bga's inspection


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