Orissa Synchrodex

Designed to meet the needs of lean manufacturing, the Synchrodex offers high speed flexible throughput at minimal cost.

Our new generation patented drop-jet design fluxer offers quick and effective flushing of the pressurised flux chamber. This helps to keep maintenance levels to a minimum whilst enabling use of higher solids content fluxes as well as water soluble fluxes.

As part of the entry level philosophy for this system, a newly designed low maintenance solder bath and pump mechanism has been developed which moves in three axes of movement whilst not limiting access to the PCB. Solder is applied using proven technology through our AP-1 nozzle design or custom specialised nozzles, incorporating patented spiral solder return to bath technology offering reduced solder balling potential.

As with more sophisticated Pillarhouse systems, the soldering process is enhanced by an inerted hot Nitrogen curtain which provides an inert atmosphere for the soldering process and also assists in the prevention of oxidation. This process provides a local pre-heat to the joint thus reducing thermal shock to localised components.
The Synchrodex is controlled by a PC, through PillarCOMM, a Windows® based “Point & Click” interface with PCB image display, as illustrated below.

Additionally, our optional PillarPAD offline package allows the operator to produce programs independently from the machine using Gerber data.

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  • Height (excluding light tower):1615mm (63”)
  • Width: 813mm (32“)
  • Depth: 2024mm (80”)
  • Maximum Board Size: 457 x 610mm (18” x 24”)
  • Minimum Board Size: 102 x 102mm (4” x 4”)
  • Height Clearance: Below 40mm (1.6”) / Above 45mm (1.8”) 100mm (4”) upon request.
  • Edge Clearance: Above/Below: 3mm (0.12”)
  • Extraction: Fan: 276mm Dia
  • Rating: 1000m3/hr (241CFM)
  • Solder: All commonly used solder types (Including Lead Free)
  • Solder Pot Capacity: 15kg (33lb) - standard 25kg (55lb) - large bath
  • Applicators: AP-1 style (2.5, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12mm)
  • Extended and Jet-Tip (up to 12mm dia)
  • Jet-Wave nozzles (up to 25mm width)
  • 150mm wide wave nozzle
  • Flux: Low maintenance drop-jet system. Low solids, no clean flux, pressurised and inerted system, optional water soluble system available
  • Flux Tank Capacity: 1 bottle 1 Litre
  • Fluxer Speed: 50 dots/second
  • Deposition Size: 4.0-6.0mm (0.16-0.24inch)
  • X, Y & Z Axis: Resolution: 0.15mm
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.05mm
  • Nitrogen Supply Pressure: 4 bar (56psi)
  • Nitrogen Purity: 99.995% or better
  • Nitrogen usage: 30-100 litres/min
  • (Dependent upon solder nozzle configuration)
  • Air Supply Pressure: 5 bar (72 psi)
  • Air Usage: 10 Litres/min. (42 CFH)
  • Inkjet: 0.52 Bar (7.5psi)
  • Power Supplies: 1 phase + PE
  • Voltage: 230 Volts
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
  • Power (with topside Preheat): Up to 6.5 kVA (8kVA with top side I.R. and bottom side ring heater)
  • Transport: Conveyor



  • In-line motor driven auto width adjust through feed synchronous
  • Movement conveyor
  • Conveyor side clamping
  • Integral PC and machine mounted TFT monitor
  • Auto solder wire feed and level detect
  • Heated inerted nitrogen system
  • Drop-jet fluxer
  • Two AP-1 solder nozzle tips
  • Internal fume extraction
  • Colour programming camera
  • PillarCOMM windows software
  • Light stack tower
  • Flux level sensor
  • SMEMA compatible
  • Process viewing camera with record feature
  • Lead free capability



  • Ultrasonic fluxing
  • Dual drop-jet / ultrasonic fluxing
  • Flux presence sensor
  • Flux spray or flow monitoring
  • Flux spray & flow monitoring
  • Nitrogen flow monitoring
  • ppm monitoring
  • Topside instant I.R. pre-heat
  • Pyrometer closed loop temperature control
  • Solder wave height measurement and correction system
  • Bottom side hot nitrogen selective pre-heat
  • Fiducial recognition and correction system
  • Laser board warpage control
  • Multiple level password protection
  • PillarPAD offline programming system
  • Solder reel identification
  • Solder bath coding (identifies correct bath for program)
  • Encoders on X, Y and Z axis
  • Nitrogen generator

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